Raj    15-May-2021

1) PHILLIP HUGHES DEATH It was a black day in cricket history, when PHILLIP HUGHES, a young talent of Australia, lost his life at the very early age of 25, after being hit by the bouncer of Sean Abbot. On the side of his head, below the helmet, while playing a Shield game in Sydney. The bouncer was too fast that he couldn't manage to handle it and hit, Causing cerebral hemorrhage. He was in a coma and also underwent surgery but he did not regain consciousness and he died. His funeral was arranged in his Hometown, Marksville, on December 3 Many Australian cricketers were come for the last time to see their field partner. It was a terrible loss for the cricket world and will never be forgotten. 2) DHONI'S RUNOUT IN WC SEMIFINAL A Runout that vanishes all the hope and belief, A runout that broke every cricket fan, A runout that takes away the word cup trophy from India's hands. On this day, India kicks off from the 2019 world cup semifinal against New Zealand. While Chasing the target of 240 runs, India was on 92/6, Dhoni and Jadeja were on the crease, Indians were hoping to win the game, but then MS Dhoni got run out, taking away all the hopes of winning from India. The Indian dugout was shocked when dhoni was run out because everyone knows that he was the only Man, only hope, only belief who can make India win from that challenging situation and make India to the finals and win another trophy for the country. Still, with that runout, all the hope and belief get over. The way dhoni walked back to the pavilion made it more painful for many cricket hearts. "Dhoni started and ended his career with runout, but what he has done b/w those two runouts is unforgettable." 3) GOD OF CRICKET LEFT THE GROUND SACHIN TENDULKAR The God of cricket, the legend, the Master Blaster, and the inspiration for many people. He took retirement after playing the two-match series against West Indies, and In his last innings, he scored 74 runs and got out there. On that day in 2014, everyone saw him last time on the ground, and when he was leaving the ground, Every Cricket fan's eyes were full of tears, a very emotional time for Indians and every cricket fan across the globe. It was not only Sachin's retirement but the end of a golden era of Indian Cricket. A heartbroken moment for every fan because many of us had started watching cricket because of his master class batting, the way he used to play such beautiful cover drives, straight drives with total perfection at a very young age. Sachin began the career in Wankhede stadium and ended in the same ground. Master blaster's last speech on the ground after the match melts everyone's hearts... As Sachin said, "The memories you have left with me will always be with me forever and ever, especially "Sachin, Sachin," which will reverberate in my ears till I stop breathing.' Nothing in the ground but Sachin Sachin Chants was continuously louder and louder, spreading by the fans with full pride. Everyone was full of pride with a heavy heart just because we saw him last in the Indian jersey. 4) DHONI'S RETIREMENT The one of the saddest day for cricket fans….. 15 August 2020, on Independence day captain, cool decided to say goodbye to his International career. The Man who changed many matches from behind the stumps, who won many hearts by his Helicopter Shot who is also known as the greatest finisher of all time, decided to end his cricket journey by simply posting a song and a caption on Instagram which says- "Thanks a lot for your love and support throughout my career. From 1929 hrs, consider me retired," This shows the simplicity of Mahi that he didn't take any press conference or media support for his retirement. The news broke out many Indian hearts; there was an awkward silence in the entire nation and even across the globe, It was an emotional moment for Indian fans that the man who took the country to victory in every ICC TROPHY (2007 T-20 world cup, 2011 ODI world cup, 2013 champions trophy, and many more) will not be seen in the Indian jersey anymore. Billions of fans had posted with heavy hearts and emotions on social media about his retirement. His selfless contribution to his country will never be forgotten, and the endless memories he gave to cricket will always be remembered in cricket history. 5) ICC RULES TOOK AWAY THE WORLD CUP FROM KIWI'S ENG vs. NEW ZEALAND was the best final match of the cricket tournament ever played. The nail-biting game went up to the last ball, where boundaries decide the real winner. Both the teams were too good on the ground, scored the same runs in their innings, respectively, then the super was played between the teams to find the world cup winner. But still, we were not able to find the winner as the super over was also end up in a draw. As per the ICC rules, the number of boundaries will decide the winner if we didn't find any winner even after the super over. This rule resulted in the favor of England as they smashed 26 boundaries in their innings and New Zealand, had just 17 boundaries in their innings, and that made England the winner of the world cup final. After that, there was a smile on the New Zealand captain's face after losing the match who is none other than KANE WILLIAMSON, he doesn't show any emotion on the field, but everyone knows the pain behind his smile that they were too close to the maiden trophy. Still, it was just because of an ICC rule that the result was not in New Zealand's favor. Every cricket fan across the globe was feeling very sad for NEW ZEALAND, Every person has bowed down to Kane Williamson for his courage and hard work throughout the tournament, who leads his team from the front and took them to the finals. He will remain a true legend in everyone's eyes in cricket history. Some people say that this sport is so cruel because one team had tears in their eyes and the other team was full of happy moments. But NEW ZEALAND faces it with a true sportsman spirit; that's why this game is called gentlemen's game.